I can tell you that starting a business can be both scary and exciting. This is because, at a point in time, a new company can find itself among some challenges. From hiring the able team to making your business grow, from improving the brand’s image to delivering the essential goods or services, startup entrepreneurs need to overcome so many challenges to experience success and stability.

Challenges for New Entrepreneurs

When you were doing an office job as an individual, the organization would award you for your technical competence most of the times, and seldom for your excellent leadership skills only. However, when you are starting your business, there is a great change in responsibilities. Success does not come just from what you know, but from what you do to grow, develop and benefits others.

When you chose to become an entrepreneur yo should develop tactics to cope leadership challenges. Let’s have a look at some most common challenges you will face as you undergo the transition – from an office job to entrepreneurship, and how to overcome them.

1. Communication

Most solutions to leadership challenges are hidden in regular communication and secure relationships with the employees of a company. So try to keep communication always open and clear with team leaders, all the time even if you have already hired the people who believe in you, are equally passionate about your goals, and are ready to put in an extra effort as you are doing. Communication with a strong emphasis on your business vision will bring comfort not only to you and your business team leaders but also in the entire company as a whole.


Moreover, you will get a bonus. As team leaders you serve the front line of your business, they may have an impression on happy clients. This way, your organization becomes trustworthy, which eventually translates into long-term customers.

2. Competition

Competition is the greatest challenges that all the startups face, especially in industries dominated by reputed, established brands. The main thing is to find your business niche market, which is not yet concentrated by other enterprises with the same products. If there is another company offering the similar products, you should start thinking out of the box to get an edge over your competitors. This is essential for building a target audience and convey a particular brand message that differentiates your startup business from other players out there.


3. Keeping the pace with the change

Information around the world is constantly evolving due to the continuous development. Also, more countries and industries are moving online. Not only staying on top but also keeping ahead of the competitors is the challenge for startup companies. With a clear plan to roll a startup out into different markets, you need to approach each country with customized strategies based on the market conditions. Be flexible enough to review and adjust your business philosophy and plan to meet your customers’ needs.

Keeping the pace with the change

4. Leading vs. Managing

Many startup entrepreneurs confuse between leadership and management. Management is about managing workflow, overall budget or time, whereas leadership is about inspiring, sharing a purpose, and giving direction.

When you learn how to share your vision and bring more confidence in your team leaders, they will bring more confidence and security in the teams in return.

Leading vs. Managing

Being perfect in leadership & business is a continuous process that needs patience and also discipline. Start following these methods, and put your foot forward towards overcoming prospective leadership challenges.

5. Delegate.

Trying not to do it all yourself! If it is something you are good at and you love then, by all means, do it! But USE your people. Delegate and ask for proper follow-up reporting. Ultimately you will develop your people to where you delegate something, and they run with it. That is the highest level of delegation and one which you plus your team should strive for daily.



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