Jumping off the 9 to 5 job and into your own business is a persistent dream through the mind of many individuals. The reasons for quitting your job and being your boss stack up in your mind like a never ending, but reality tells us there are too many responsibilities in our lives to accomplish this dream. Many successful business owners have started their business while working and kept on working until it was feasible to make the transition from working a day job to running their business full-time.

Creating a Clear Image

For the many people who dream of doing so, don’t manage to make it happen because there is a great challenge to working and building a business at the same time. It is stressful and difficult to do, but it does not have to be impossible. With a few steps to get you started, you can finally leave the 9 to 5 race and join other successful business owners.

STEP #1: Creating a Clear Image of “Why” and Make a Commitment

Many reasons exist for starting a business. Dissatisfaction with your current job, an inability to move up the ladder, or the freedom to pick your schedule are just a few of all the possible reasons. Maybe your reason is something very different than these. Whatever your reason is, you need to create a clear image of exactly why you are starting a business.

The answer to the question of why gives you a clear picture of what motivates and drives you. As the stress and challenges of starting a business come, you want to be able to hold on to this vision, so you do not give up on your dream.

A view of the reason why isn’t enough. You need to make a commitment to the business too. If you walk into the idea with a view of seeing how it goes, you will not be able to maintain the commitment the moment the road gets rough. It could become the self-fulfilling backdoor escape.

STEP #2: Business Vision

Take an evening, weekend, or a week, sit down and write out what you want your business to become. This task is not a plan of activities description, but a picture of your ideal day, where you see your business at in one year or five years, and information about your target clients. Answer the question of how much income you would like your business to produce.

Once you have a clear, detailed business vision, hang it up where you see it and read it every day. This activity will keep your business fresh in your mind, at the front of all your thoughts, and your daily choice will reflect what is best for your business.

Business Vision

STEP #3: Learning

Does your business require any additional skills you might not have? For example, your company might specialize in remodeling bathrooms, but you have never needed to manage accounts. Learning about the names of different accounting documents used, how they apply to your business, and how to create them will fill in a possible weakness when you run your business. Maybe you need to sharpen your advertising skills or learn more about building a brand. Now is the time to do so.

Business Learning

The three steps above are only a jump start to starting a business while you still are working a day job. They may seem like unnecessary steps you could just skip over and get right to the meat of running your business, but it is recommended you start with these simple steps. A lack of persistence, motivation, drive, or vision can bring your business to a complete stop and possible a failure before you even get the primary business. For example, if your expectation is to gain your first client on the first try, you are going to need the persistence to work through and not let it set you back. Once you have finished these steps, you can move on to the specific to-do list tasks to opening your business from state laws, sales tax, business licenses, and a million other details.


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