Can you earn your living as a blogger?


If you have decent writing skills then you can make decent as a blogger. It goes without saying – hard work generates the reward. Blogging can get you the money, provided you be willing to work hard. There are a quite some options available to derive money from your blogs. While there are no best ways but here are some tips to earn money. A study from 21 income reports 2015 split the blogging income into three categories:

Affiliate earnings (25.5%) – Through blog post referring sales to other companies.

Affiliate earnings

Advertising (22.2%) – Bloggers get paid for Ads that shows up on their site or get the clicks on those ads.

Trust in Advertising

Products and Services (52.4%) – Bloggers get paid for selling the products and services to their audience.

Products and Services

Affiliate Earning-How does it work?

Product owner agrees to give you a commission for each sale if the buyer comes to your website. A unique link tracks your affiliate code and that way the seller knows that customer had used your link to make the purchase. There are tons of affiliate programs, and you will find that at the bottom of the web page. Usually, you would need to sign up for an affiliate. It is like if you are going to talk about a product, you might as well earn some money out it. If your blog has a clear focus and niche, it is easier for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Earning-How does it work

Advertising – How does it work?

Most of the bloggers are making money by placing ads on their site. There are two types of Ads:

1. CPC Ads- Cost per click also known pay per click. Each time people click, you get paid.

2. CPM Ads- CPM Ads – ads that pay you a set amount of money basis how many had viewed the ad.

Ad networks are like mediators. They collaborate with companies and brands to create sponsorship and ad campaigns. They facilitate from sponsored ads to sidebars. Sidebar ads are the ads on the side of a site. You get money for someone buying the space on your blog site.

Google AdSense is the most popular network for placing ads. Similar programs are available if Google AdSense does not work for you including Info links,, etc.

How does Online advertising work

Products and Services

Another stream of income is considering selling products and those may include:

1. eBooks

2. Online Workshops/Online courses

3. Video, music, images which other people can use

4. Plugins, Theme, and Apps.

You can also sell physical products including complete and home made products and much more. If you already own business, you may start blogging to convert them to a loyal customer.

Just ensure that the product that you are going to sell is relevant and useful to your readers. Listen to your users and then decide on developing a product which will meet their need.

Another Bonus Tip – You can sell sponsorship space in videos and newsletters to maximize your income.

I am aware that its lot of information and could be overwhelming, but if you are interested, you can find a way out. It takes time and effort though initially but don’t feel bad if it takes a year to two for seeing any progress in your income.


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