Intel Core i5 vs. i7: Which is the Best Processor for You?

If you are a pro gamer like me, we share the same dream of buying the best gaming laptop. Aside from playing online games, I also prefer a powerful laptop I can use in work. That’s why I took my time comparing the difference of between the Top Probe’s Reviews on Intel Core i5 and i7 laptops under 1500$. Why? Because there is a wide range of models that you can choose from, and it can get a little overwhelming if you are given a chance to buy yourself your own laptop you can use in both playing and working. This guide is specifically designed to help my fellow gamers and workers to find the best laptop for them by comparing the two processors. This will serve as your guide in making the right decision because the laptop is one of the major investments. You don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste now, do you?

The difference between Intel Core i5 and i7 on laptops

There are two configurations offered in Core i5 processors when it comes to a laptop. The dual-core with and without hyper threading. The main difference is that the quads are more responsive and gives solid feedback. It also works well in Core i7 models that come in both quad and dual core. It also offers hyper-threading. It’s the most common question of buyers just like me, “What’s the main difference between Intel Core i5 and i7 when they have the same thread and core counts?” Core i5 and i7 To answer your question, the main difference is that Core i7’s can provide a larger size of the cache and the clock speed is more responsive than of an Intel Core i5 processor.

Pricing of Intel Core i5 and i7’s

Apparently, since Intel Core i7 laptop is more upgraded than the Intel Core i5, it’s more expensive. Intel Core i7’s are perfectly adequate if you’re looking for a gaming and business laptop combined in one. It’s perfect for multi-tasking purposes, gaming, and business work. If you think that your system right now is not that responsive, then you should try the Intel Core i7 processors. Always keep in mind that the larger the number of cores that you have, the better the performance would be. Let’s take Lenovo ThinkPad T470 as an example. The Core i5 is approximately $70 less on the price of a laptop equipped with Core i7 system. If you want an improved performance, you should consider purchasing a processor with a higher model number. Comparing the Core i5-7200U and Intel Core i7-7600U, the latter is more responsive, enhanced, and reliable.

Onboard memory of i7 processors

Let’s proceed to the onboard memory of the i7 processors or the cache. All i7 processors model have a more extensive cache. It’s beneficial if you’re going to do some editing or calculating because the information doesn’t have to reload from time to time. Larger cache sizes are ideal for multi-tasking and gaming as well. Intel Core i7 processors can offer up to 12MB cache size. memory of i7 processors

Intel Core i7’s hyper-threading

Intel Core i7 utilizes the multithreading technology to appear to the processor that it has a large number of cores. This technology is specifically designed to help improve the performance of multithreaded tasks. Hence, you can load various elements such as video, images, and even flash content all at the same time. All Core i7 CPU’s are utilizing hyper-threading, handling approximately 16 streams for an eight-core CPU. On the other hand, the Core i5 also utilizes hyper-threading, but if the processor has four real cores, then hyper-threading will not be applicable.

Improved and high-definition graphics

Now, gamers always prefer a laptop with high-definition graphics to make the game more enjoyable. Intel processors will let you enjoy a 3D game in average quality settings, but the ultra quality settings with 1080p or 4K resolutions can be turned on. The Core i7 features an improved Intel HD or UDH graphics while the Core i5 processors will depend on the part number when it comes to the graphics. These integrated graphics can help in saving your battery life because there is no other graphics chip you can find on the motherboard of your laptop that consumes power as well.

What are the best Intel Core i7 laptop processors of 2017?

  Obviously, if you want a more reliable and durable laptop, you’ll choose the Intel Core i7 processor. So, what are the top picks as of 2017? Check out the top three best selling laptops below.

1. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 This is my laptop, and I highly recommend it for workers and online gamers. The sleek design and compact factor of this laptop are worthy of my investment. The elegant silver color finishing comes with 13.3-inch $K touch screen display. It does not have any bezels, so whenever I’m playing or working, I feel as if my laptop is bigger than it actually is. The Intel HD 620 graphics are integrated, weighing only 2.7 pounds and 13 hours of battery endurance, 16GH of RAM and 512GB SSD.

2. Acer Aspire E15 Affordable Dual-Core i7 Laptop

Acer Aspire E15 If you are within tight budget, the Acer Aspire is the most affordable i7 processor that you can invest right now. The price is below $700, and you already have an elegant-looking laptop finished in black color and perfect for wear and tear. It has 15.6” FHD LED display, 8GB of RAM, and dual-core i7-7500U processor. It’s perfect for college students or busy office workers for their day-to-day use.  


ASUS ROG G752VS If you want a laptop that is perfect for pro-gaming, this model is for you. The pro-gaming level hardware, the metallic design, and armor titanium of the ASUS i7 gaming laptop has everything you could ever ask for. It has 17” G-Sync display with HD resolution. Installing games are made more convenient with the built-in DVD drive room. It is integrated with the quad-core Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics. The RAM can reach up to 64GB. A powerful yet smart design.

The bottom line

Use this as your guide when shopping for Intel Core i7 processors. It’s an excellent choice especially if you wanted to take your gaming experience to the next level or you’re looking for a laptop you can rely on your work. I made the right decision of investing in an i7 laptop, and I’m sure that you will too!

How You Can Know What Are the Best Headphones

Best Headphone in the world
The term best is one of those kinds of words that are very hard to put your finger on. In all seriousness, what makes something the best? Who decides that the best, what makes it better than something else? These are all questions that make it very difficult for anyone to tell you that something is significantly better than everything else that they would find out there. You can go on websites and look all over the Internet, and you will find all kinds of online addresses they guarantee you that they know what the best of any product or service that is out there is. This being said, this article is intended to give you the idea of what gives something credibility regarding making it the best. The best headphones in the world are not can it be told to you here. What you will be paid are factors in information that can assist you in determining what would be the best for you.

What are Headphones Made for?

The place to begin with this discussion is by determining what headphones are made for. We all know the answer to that. Headphones are made to connect to some device so that you can hear the sound that is produced in a more private manner. However, the discussion is centered around far more than that. What is this question looking to answer is what headphones will specifically do for you? What is it that you’re looking for that makes one set of headphones more ideal for you than others? What is being talked about is to take a look at whether you are listening to certain styles of music and you want to get the best sound quality out of that, if you need to have headphones that give you greater functionality regarding controls of your device? It is factors like this that help you determine which one is best for you personally. Best Headphones Everyone wants a good quality sound in their headphones, but they also wanted at a price that’s reasonable for them. These are the kinds of things that help you to make an informed decision on really what a headphone is good for.

How to determine the Best Headphone in the world?

This is another one of those questions that specifically related around your needs. When talking about what’s the best headphone in the world, the answer is the one that gives you the best quality and functionality that you can ask for at a price that you can afford. There headphones out there that are of absolutely exceptional quality. Ones that will give you the clearest possible sound give you incredible functionality, and provide for you a wireless connection that allows you to be 30 or 40 m away from your device. That looks spectacular, but if it cost $900 to buy those, then this may be an option that isn’t best in the world. What you are looking for is something that you can say that you will love using these headphones and it won’t destroy your budget to get them. Truthfully, the only thing that classifies into the term best regarding making one significantly better than another is regarding durability and protection. If there is an extended warranty that ensures that you get four or five years of warranty protection, and the headphones come so that they are made to last several years, then this is really what is best. All the rest of it is a mere preference; these are the factors that make one thing better than another. Headphones Made for

Types of Headphones and How does it matter in the human world?

Two factors related to what is considered different kinds of headphone. What you are talking about here is in-ear, on-ear, or over the ear style. Some earphones have earbuds that slide into your ear canal. Others have the traditional style of headphones where they simply go over the top of your ears. Then there are those that clip around your ear lobe to stay securely in place. What these different types do is provide you with a greater amount of security regarding how well they stay on or in your ear, as well as more significant noise reduction. If you are looking to block yourself out from what is going on around you, then finding earphones that give excellent noise reduction is a must.

Utilize Online Employee Training

According to Training Magazine’s Industry Report (2007), 20% of training budgets in the United States went to Online Self-Led training. Online Employee Training That same publication reported that 28% of mandatory job training was accomplished via online classes. Yet, there are many in the industry that claim leader-led training is still, by far, the best way to accomplish training objectives. What they fail to tell us is why it’s the best method. There are many situations in which leader-led (classroom type) training is best for an organization. When the topic of training is closely related to job tasks or knowledge sets that are unique to the company, leader led training is definitely the way to go. However, there are a few times when online self-led training is more effective financially and from an information retention perspective. Create A Successful Employee Online Training Orientation Program Reason number one? Cost effectiveness, of course. Online training reduces costs to the company in a number of ways. The most obvious is that no one in the company is taken off task to create a training program, design a presentation, and ultimately facilitate the classroom training. For those companies that have not yet established a training department or hired an employee dedicated to this task, online training reduces overhead expenses dramatically. Training Magazine’s Industry Report says that 48% of companies in the U.S. state that increased effectiveness is the number one priority in training for their company. Time costs are rarely considered in employee development scenarios by non-training industry individuals. However, ask anyone who has sat down to develop a full training class and they will tell you the biggest struggle was deadlines and making the most of time. This silent profit vacuum can be detrimental to the training budget before class is even in session. students training on computers Considerations must be made for information extractions, topic and objective development, class design, presentation design, facilitation notes, the list goes on. There are many details to which a trainer must tend before employee training can even begin. Online training courses take all of that time expenditure away. It’s always smart to take a few moments to ballpark the cost of internal development and compare it to the cost of pre-made training programs available online. The third reason that online employee training will benefit most companies in 2009 is technological advancements. On the job, technical and engineering industries are faced with many options regarding production technology. Most companies will benefit more from purchasing the latest technology in their industry, but won’t see much of a revenue increase for purchasing updated training tools. This is where online training programs and companies become an ally for technology-based businesses. In essence, someone else has already purchased the technology. companies will benefit more Therefore pay for use is reduced through sheer volume. Where a small production plant may only use training technology to train 150 employees, there are training companies that use their tools for thousands, therefore offering the same training at a reduced cost to the company. However, this should be carefully compared to the actual knowledge retention that is expected form employees. Always consider the learning style of employees as some of them may not be able to gather and retain information by reading it or “watching it” on a screen. Many employees may learn from interaction with other employees or their trainer. However a company chooses to implement employee training should be based on the three factors above. Is the training cost effective, time effective, and will it lead to the retention of information by employees? It is important in a struggling economy to take the time to weigh the best options against each other. Don’t assume that in-house training is best. Also don’t assume that outsourcing training is the best. Weigh the options and make a decision that is unique to the employees receiving the training.